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Building websites for all kinds of devices

Are you looking for someone to create a new website for you? Want it to work perfectly on mobile devices? You've come to the right place! Don't wait for months and save your company some money. Contact Climber Digital now and get the job done in no time!

Wondering why you should work with Climber Digital?

Save time

No more waiting for months, no more missed deadlines! Your new project will be built in 5-20 business days, depending on its functionality.

Save money

You pay only for what you need. Working with Climber Digital will save you thousands of dollars, comparing to working with the bigger agencies.

Get results

You get the optimal solution for your particular situation and the tasks of your project. No clutter, no unnecessary stuff, no time and money lost.

Go mobile

Your new website will be working perfectly on every modern mobile device. Provide the seamless mobile experience for your clients!

Take a look at some actual work examples

Uppercut Barbershop | Saratov, Russia Uppercut screenshot
Lampliter Oceanside Resorts | New Jersey, US Lampliter Oceanside Resorts screenshot

And here's what some of the clients have to say

Elena Prokhorova - Uppercut

We've had some experience, working with the freelance web designers before and we were quite sceptical in our expectations, at first. But we were pleasantly surprised with the quality of work that Climber Digital has done for us. It was done exactly by the deadline we agreed upon and all of our requests were fulfilled in the process, in a very professional manner.

Andy Kent - Innereyefull

From the very start, the work on my website has been a pleasure! I've got everything explained in simple terms, got the set of instructions after, and a few unexpected problems were handled quickly. I would highly recommend Climber Digital, it's a pleasure to work with this company on your projects from start to finish!

Anton Andrianov - HH Wear

Before a friend advised us to contact Climber Digital, we've tried to work with a few other developers and all of them, sadly, did their work really poorly. Our website wouldn't work as it should've worked and we couldn't sell our stuff online. Climber Digital did it all in a week, provided us with a quality website and helped us with the adjustments and maintenance of the store. Highly recommended!

Following the passion to create useful things

Oleg Knyazev - Climber Digital

Hi! My name is Oleg, I'm the founder and the "one man army" behind Climber Digital LLC. I'm a skilled web developer with the slight accent on the User Experience (UX) design and creating simple, accessible, and efficient interfaces.

I can handle both front-end and back-end development, which means that I can build a website for you from scratch on my own, making it completely mobile friendly, whether it's a blog, a portfolio website, or an e-commerce platform.

My goal is not to excel in one particular thing but to solve the problems of my clients and their businesses in their complexity, doing it in the shortest amount of time possible and providing my clients with only the optimal solutions.