Building useful tools for small businesses

We offer quality services in creating the converting websites and e-commerce solutions with the exclusive CRM system, tailored for your needs. Modern technology, high performance, and mobile-friendly, responsive design will provide better experience for your audience and ease the pain of managing the project for you.

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Oleg Knyazev - web developer
Oleg Knyazev
Web developer

Doing business online shouldn't be a luxury

I started this company with one simple goal in mind: to be useful for small businesses and help them and solo entrepreneurs make best out of the available technology and the reach opportunities of the Internet. In more than 8 years of work in this field, I've built the necessary skill set and gathered valuable experience to be able to provide my clients wit the optimal solutions to their business problems, focusing on those who are just starting out, or have already established themselves online and want to push their game to a whole new level.

Developing useful things in various directions

Landing pages

Start small, advertise efficiently, grow fast.

Portfolio websites

Represent your work and your business online


Sell your products online with ease


Create and publish content on your own platform

Single-page Apps (SPA)

Put your ideas into an interactive web application

Exclusive CRM

Manage your business the way you want

Project dashboards

Administration tools for small teams and projects

Flexible approach to finding the optimal solutions

High quality of work

Climber Digital works on every project with particular attention to detail, using the best web technology available that's proven to be reliable and efficient.

Painless collaboration

Leave out the middle-men and avoid endless cycles of "team meetings". You work with the contractor directly and participate in the creation of your project on every stage of its development.

Planning in agile fashion

You can choose to either get a package solution with a flat rate, or order an exclusive development split into week-long cycles, with work being charged for on a weekly basis. It's your call, pick whatever suits you, and we will provide.

Real-world examples of Climber Digital's work

Clothing brand | Online store | Moscow (Russia)

Design and development of a website and surrounding ecosystem from scratch. A mobile-friendly design, the smooth user experience, a custom e-commerce solution for international purchases, a custom CRM system for retail and wholesale management.

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Cement ventilation block manufacturer | Saint-Petersburg (Russia)

Design and development of a modern multi-page company website, tailored specifically to maximize the conversion rates from context advertising.

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Men' s theme barbershop | Saratov (Russia)

Design and development of a minimalistic landing page website with the core functionality being the online appointment booking on both desktop and mobile devices.

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Family vacation motel | Wildwood Crest (New Jersey, US)

Design and development of the company website for the motel and its current, returning, and future guests. A combination of the vacation theme, traditional business approach, and the modern technology of mobile-friendly web design.

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Taking on a new contract and deal with the challenges the task provides is always exciting. Are you ready to work with Climber Digital? Contact us and tell us what kind of a problem we can help you solve. We'll gladly dig into it and build some useful things for you that will help your business grow, and probably even help you change your life for better!