Oleg Knyazev Founder

Modern approach to solving business problems

Hi! My name is Oleg, I'm a professional web developer, and I founded Climber Digital. I started this company because I see small businesses and various interesting projects wasting their potential, thinking about going online but lacking experience and knowledge to do it efficiently, or to do it at all. That's why my company is building useful, modern solutions to represent your projects online, help you grow your audience, sell your awesome products, and publish your unique content.

For small businesses

We're building websites and custom CRM systems for businesses. Offering high-quality solutions for bussinesses of small-to-medium scale that will help your sales and project management. Whether you own a local coffee shop, or running an e-commerce business, we got you covered!

For creative projects

Climber Digital provides professional web design and web development services to musicians, artists, writers, record labels, and various creative projects and independent publishing platforms. We will help you get your message across and show off your skills and work.

For non-profit organizations

Any business that is working to achieve long-term goals has to be involved in the life of its audience and social issues in general. And it's crucial to give back to the community. That's why Climber Digital is providing services to charities and various non-profits and volunteer organizations on special terms and with big discounts.

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