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E-commerce solution for HH Wear clothing brand

HH Wear is a Moscow-based clothing brand, making and selling high-quality themed street apparel. That company started on its path to the world of e-commerce from working with Climber Digital.

After a few failed attempts to work with different freelance web designers in Russia, HH Wear crossed paths with Climber Digital. That was the collaboration in which they finally ended up with a working solution that allowed them to sell their awesome clothing over the Internet.

Starting small to go really fast

At the beginning, HH Wear had a very limited budget, a limited variety of goods, and were just building their first audience. That's why the situation didn't require a complex solution. The brand needed something to actually start with.

To save more money for marketing and get a working e-commerce platform going in the shortest amount of time possible, the decision was to build a really simple and small website and integrate an Ecwid shopping cart with it.

It's fair to say that despite all of its functional and technical limitations, the Ecwid shopping cart was a really efficient solution for HH Wear to launch their online store and get the first sales going. It was serving the company well up until it started to grow and required more control over the platform.

With growth came the need for more control

As the company's sale numbers and audience were growing, the owners needed the extended control over their platform's functionality. That's where Ecwid shopping cart started holding HH Wear back and impose hard limitations. Meanwhile, building a dedicated solution under Ecwid's API didn't make much sense since it was keeping the company dependent on 3rd party.

It was time for Climber Digital to build an exclusive e-commerce platform for HH Wear that provided the needed functionality and was tailored to the HH Wear's business tasks specifically.

Modern technology to the rescue

Building a dedicated, self-hosted e-commerce platform with the fantastic Laravel PHP framework was an optimal choice for the job. One of the main requirements also was making the whole website responsive and mobile-friendly to allow users to buy any items comfortably, regardless of the type of devices they're using.

To manage the store and customer relations, Climber Digital built a custom CRM system for HH Wear. It's a functional single-page application (SPA) with a user-friendly interface, powered by Laravel and the great Vue.js framework. The architecture of the app allows for quick changes and extensions of its functionality with the minimum overhead and extra time needed.

The current state of the project

The bussiness of HH Wear keeps growing, and in two years of their collaboration with Climber Digital, the company grew from a small "basic Internet merch store" to a company that has a professional marketing team aboard, a well-tuned manufacture line, ever-growin sales numbers, a big, diverse, and loyal community around it. And on top of that, HH Wear opened their first offline store in Moscow are now doing their first, careful steps in the international sales.

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