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Family motel on the shores of Atlantic Ocean

The history of Lampliter Oceanside Resorts motel is going back in a couple of generations. The family that is currently running it, needed a redesign work for the motel's website. It's been really outdated at the time, and was probably visited by a web developer in 2007. That's where Climber Digital comes to the rescue.

Preserving the family traditions and values

Lampliter Oceanside Resorts is like a real-world example of an old Hollywood movie script: it's a small family business done with care and built on real family values, fighting the agressive globalization and the corporate invasion. You simply can't ignore it as a factor and not utilize it in when designing a new website.

The other crucial factor in the work was the location of the establishment. Sitting at the seafront with a beautiful view, it's also in proximity of the tourist spots of the legendary Atlantic City that's left quite a big footprint in the history of the United States.

Looking for the right solution

Working with the old code base was not an option since it was so outdated that it would require rebuilding it completely. To save time and avoid burning a hole in the project's budget, it was decided to build a new website from scratch, while only carrying over the old content and its structure.

The time of the tourist season, the location and the values that Lampliter Oceanside Resorts motel was built upon all turned out to be a perfect combination for the new design of its website.

Reflecting the identity

Approaching the design of the new website of Lampliter Oceanside Resorts with empathy and as a completely individual case, Climber Digital had successfully made it so the website reflects the core values of the family running the motel and has the feeling of vacation all over it. Thankfully, it was a good guess that was rated highly by the owners of the motel.

To reach out to the wider and younger audience while also providing a better experience to the regular motel guests, Climber Digital mixed a more of a traditional and conventional layout with the modern techniques of responsive design, making the website fully available and highly readable to both desktop computer and mobile users.

But most importantly, in that symbiosis of modern technology and traditional values, the website gives out the unique charm of the place almost straight away, and that charm is exactly what keeps Lampliter Oceanside Resorts so different and so much more relaxing and natural than the huge franchise hotel networks made of cold glass and metal, and filled with fake smiles.

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