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A website for a local men's barbershop

Riding the wave of its popularity, the entrepreneurs from Saratov (Russia) opened their own local men's barbershop. Having built a small audience of loyal regular customers, they decided to also capitalize on the advantages that Internet provides and represent their business online. And they chose Climber Digital to build a website for them.

Mapping out the goals

The main goals of the website were quite simple: build a quality representation of the establishment online, making it reflect its brand identity, and provide the customers with the ability to book their appointments with the barbers from the website. The owners of Uppercut clearly knew what they wanted from the website and what they were doing, and it was a really good start to a productive business relationship.

Sticking to the theme and brand style

To reach the goal of representing the Uppercut barbershop online, Climber Digital built a one-page, mobile-friendly website to appeal to the wider audience. It has the brief description of the business, precise directions, current rates, and real customer reviews available.

But using only a technical approach isn't enough, so Climber Digital designed the website according to the color pallete and using the decorative elements that Uppercut is using in its brand identity and the actual interior design of the establishment.

And since the Uppercut's owners were already using the YCLIENTS system to manage appointments and barbers' schedules, it was decided that we integrate YCLIENTS widget with the website's frontend. To this day, this solution is allowing the customers to book their appointments from the website with ease, wherever they are.

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