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An online store and a crowd-funding platform

Voskhod Expedition is an artistic project started by 6 musicians, artists, film-makers, and designers. 6 team members went from Moscow to Bali, through Tibet and the most part of Asia. The twist is that they did it on two Soviet-era GAZ "Volga" cars, driving by themselves and doing live music shows and filming a documentary along the way.

Climber Digital was involved in building the website for them that included a media platform, a custom crowd-funding platform for people to support the team on their journey and take part in the projects bonus system. And the website also has an online merch store, selling the themed clothing under the expedition's own brand. The contract was only for the development, since the team provided a design mockup on their part.

The support from the audience as a core concept

The goal of the project from the beginning was to create unique content from the journey, with the individual twists and features of the Voskhod crew. The website required a crowd-sourcing mechanics for users to support the project and help it advance on the path. And an e-commerce solution for people to buy the clothing and accessories so the profits would support the team as well.

By supporting Voskhod Expedition, the users were getting the special bonus points to their accounts which increased their chance to get different tiers of special rewards, or even join the team on one of the stages of the trip.

Individual approach to a non-conventional case

This project required a lot of custom functionality and non-standard ways of solving problems. At the core of the whole project there is the incredible Laravel PHP framework which made building the custom elements and tools a breeze. It also helped tremendously in building a custom CRM for the project. As for the frontend, there is a modern website with a responsive design, making it easy for people to buy from the store, or support the team directly regardless of the device they're using.

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